This is a work in progress, but also a dream of mine to create visuals completely by hand, using buidings and other elements I have collected (and will collect) all over the place. As dark fantasies go, this might be my darkest one yet. It will incorporate all of my pet themes like mortality against infinity, individuality versus mass and unrequited love. It will also allow me to use tried and new techniques like stage set and see through photography, in a way creating phisically enhanced photography. 


It will incorporate handmade little buildings, walls and landscapes, but also text and numbers. The visuals will be story based, but not necessarily telling a whole story. They might rather be loose scenes that could be arranged in several different sequences. There will also be words and numbers.


Ambitious? Maybe. But making a dream come true is always worth your while. The visuals you see underneath are the first results of the first experiments. More will follow.