Wondering how I work? Wanting to try some for yourselves? I believe that one of the most rewarding things about art is the sharing part. The moment I get to share my work with others is in many ways the best moment.


A great way for me to share my art and my thoughts about art is through giving workshops. These can have many shapes, but always revolve around a few elements:


1.     Using your own creativity;

2.     Using different sources of inspiration and techniques;

3.     Using simple basic techniques (like layers in Photoshop) to reach interesting results.


As a standard I use three meetings for a workshop. The first meeting I use to explain the technique, the second is to shoot material. At the third meeting we look at and discuss the results. Of course the first two meetings can be done in one day and it’s also possible to create a worshop that caters to your specific interests.


Information on specific workshops will be posted here soon.


Costs are around € 500,- per workshop of three meetings for 5 to 10 people. Workshops can be organised at any chosen location or in the near future at my own studio.