Me being me (first blog ever)


This is the first blog I write for my new site. To be honest it’s my first blog ever. Poetry and short bits of prose I’ve done enough, but a blog…


It’s a start of something new, this site. It will be a place where I can show what I do and who I am as an artist. That is also why I have decided to add this blog, as I think it’s good to talk about what I make and why I make it.


In the end that’s what it’s all about. Me being me. Someone once told me I shouldn’t cut up my pictures, because the picture didn’t need it. But that’s not the point. If the picture ruled the artist, the art would not get far. It’s about what I need as an artist to express what I want to say.


So that’s what I hope to be doing here. I’ll show new work and talk about what inspires and fascinates me. I hope it will enhance the experience my audience has with my art. Maybe it will help someone understand it a little bit better. Probably that person will be me.


With kind regards,