Blog oktober 2016




When I showed my new website to a good friend, she called me a minimalist. She had a good point too, although I had never looked at it like that before. True, some of my best work looks rather empty or bleak. There seems to be not much happening besides a line and a ball, a house and some trees, grass and a lot of sky. That may not always be what my work is like, but this fascinating play with composition has got a big fan in me.


For a long time I thought I was big on abstraction. I loved the simplicity of lines, but there was something missing. My work was never about abstraction per se. For me it was about silence versus tension and chaos. I feel driven to work with themes like loneliness and cold, the individual against the masses. As abstract as my work may seem, as figurative it actually is in its core. What’s more, abstraction actually isn’t a style at all. I’ve never been into the wild expressionist side of it and would rather find myself somewhere on the constructivist or geometric side.


So there it is. I’ve found my style, my tradition. I am a minimalist. It somehow feels like coming home. And I’m only slightly joking too. I’m not a purist and if I feel like complicating things, I’ll do it. But this is a new point of origin, a new sense of where I started.

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